GSA Attends 2015 ASA Law Conference

Thursday, May 21, 2015 1:33 PM | Diane Lasorda (Administrator)

Several members of GSA attended the 2015 ASA Law Conference in Washington last month.  Look for more details in the Legislative section. Here are some comments on those who attended:

Really nothing new on ACA except the importance of getting the 2016 reporting correct. It's a complicated issue and was glad to get more information on what's going to be expected. I learned some areas we need to work on related to criminal background checks and cleaning up our handbook. Karl Rove was fantastic! I hope he returns next year.  The networking was also fantastic! I learned as much from my peers as I did from the speakers. 

The ACA portion of the Staffing Law Conference is worth the price of admission! The information provided from the ASA legal team as well as staffing firm owners is invaluable. Surveys were done in the room through our smart phones or I-Pads that gave real time information about how other companies in our industry, across the country, are handling the ACA. The panel spoke about different plans that staffing firms can offer their temporary employees, internal tracking, as to how to look at our temporary employees with regard to variable hour, the governmental reporting requirements, and the legal challenges. It’s great information, not only for our staffing companies, but information that we can share with our clients. 

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